The Causes of Cancer: An Analysis of Avoidable Risk Factors

  • A Sangamithra Professor, Department of Economics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India,
Keywords: Factors, Cancer, Symptoms, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, WOOD Dust, Quality


Recently many new causes of cancer have been recognized, such as Sunlight, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, hormones, alcohol, parasites, fungi, bacteria, salted fish, wood dust, and certain herbs. However, they are additional causes of cancer that contains beta carotene, red meat, processed meats, low intake of fiber diets, poor Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF), obesity, increased adult height, sedentary lifestyles, etc.; there is a knowledge imbalance in knowing the causes of cancer among the physicians as well as researchers. To prevent at and permit the early detection and effective treatment is necessary in this regard. Steps were taken to prevent, control and management of cancer are disturbed by the insufficient knowledge about the disease among the population. The ultimate aim of cancer management is to reduce the prevalence of cancer and to improve the quality of life. A practical way to identify cancer control risk is to understand the real risk factors for causing cancer. When the causes are not well explained and understood, it is difficult to treat the disease. Screening of asymptomatic populations and awareness of early signs and symptoms can certainly improve the treatment of cancer. Knowing the causes of cancer and knowledge about preventing it can cure the disease, prolong our life, and improve the quality of our life. Cancer research is crucial for effective planning and strategic Cancer Control Programmes (CCP).

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