Coetzee’s Novel the Slow Man; A Critical Study

  • G. A. Rajamuruhaiyan (REG. NO. P5607), Part Time Ph.D Scholar in English, M.S.S. Wakf Board College, Madurai
  • A. Soundararajan Guide & Supervisor Head & Associate Professor of English PG and Research Department of English M.S.S Wakf Board College, Madurai
Keywords: Tribulations, Introspective, Human Psyche, Curtailed, Disillusioned, Coaxing, Cajoling, Ablutions, Calamity, Incapacitated, Discernible, Beseech, Indignant, Immense Tidiness, Compelling, Platonic


In Slow Man, Coetzee examines what goes on inside the psyche of a person who encounters unforeseen
difficulties. In this book, Coetzee approaches problems on a personal level. The existence of a man who is content in his old age is the subject of this book. He suffers the loss of a limb in an accident, attempts to live alone, avoids the society of both friends and acquaintances, and has plenty of time to rediscover himself. He receives care from a Croatian caregiver, who also assists him with housework. She doesn’t in any way support him as he grows fascinated by her. As he explores the complexities of selfhood, the protagonist asks himself a lot of questions. As the author, he also participates in writing, bringing the author and the character together to discuss their connection.

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