Need for Specialists’ Orientation to Dispel the Mystique in Esp

  • D Senthil Kumar Assistant Professor Department of English Sri Hayagreeva Arts and Science College Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India


English for Specific Purpose should properly be seen not as any particular language product but as an approach to language teaching directed by specific and apparent reasons for learning (Hutchinson, T and Waters, 1987: 19). ESP teaching is basically built on the assessment of purposes and the functions for which English is required. Developing courses for learners with specific academic or work-related language-needs require the essential knowledge of the subject matter, and therefore those without expertise may not be able to express the ideas that contribute to understanding the intended learning outcomes. So, an ESP instructor has to play various roles like teacher, course designer, materials provider, collaborator, researcher and evaluator. In the practical academic scenario, it is too demanding for an ELT specialist to do justice to his role as an ESP practitioner. This paper intends to propose a model where the subject expert’s orientation is sought to dispel the mystique in ESP.

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