The Darkest World of the Dark Peopleis Brought to Light by Toni Morrison in her Sula

  • R Niviya Assistant Professor, Department of Science & Humanities, Jeppiaar Maamallan Engineering College, Sriperumpudur, Chennai


The blacks in America are marginalized and exploited people, their marginality being primarily social and economic. We can hear the voices of protest in their literature. The African American asks a pertinent question, what did he do to be so black and blue. He is condemned because he is black. Nature is responsible for that. What does it mean to be a black man in this world dominated by the white race?.He has committed no sin. The African American writer defines his racial condition which is responsible, by and large, for his socio cultural condition in the conspiring world of the white people. Slavery was imposed on the blacks in America for more than three centuries. The land of liberty locked them in a dark and cruel world of slavery. Their racial problem resulted in social, economic and cultural problems. Slavery was institutionalized in their social behaviour. The black race was marginalised in all respects.The life of the African Americans in a dark difficult world is nothing butpainful. I have tried to analyse the various aspects and reasons for their struggle in Toni Morrison’s Sula.

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