Teaching English as as Second Language through ICT – Challenges and Strategies

  • D Senthil Kumar Assistant Professor, Department of English, Sri Hayagreeva Arts and Science College, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: ICT, Second Language Learning, ESL, TL, SL


The process of teaching ofEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) has metamorphosed into various vicissitudes with chalk and board method to online teaching and learning at present. The challenges before every learner of English language across the globe are varied and they have inherent problems including family backgrounds, sociological fabric, psychological inbuilt attributes, and geographical differences. The ethnic backgrounds and even religious beliefs have their own impact in the way of learning English as a Second Language. In order to overcome these linguistic challenges, there are a slew of approaches and theories with a number of tools and methods toassist the teaching and learning process. Among the one is the ICT which is of recent origin after the advent of computers. After the explosion of computers in a number of areas of human knowledge, it is being exploited for the assisting of teaching languages. After the computers, the internet, mobile technologies and gadgets, almost all process have become easy including designing teaching materials, implementation of the materials to the learners, the testing and evaluation of the language skills –almost every process in the language learning process is being done with the help of ICT viz., Information and Communication Technology

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