‘Impersonal Personalism’: Kamala Das as a Confessional Poetess

  • Nynu V Jamal Guest Lecturer, MES College, Erumelly, Kerala, India
Keywords: Confessionalism, Patriarchal Dominance, Taboos, Introspection


Kamala Das is a poetess who throws light on the oppression faced by the women folk from the patriarchal dominance through her own experience. The societal expectations or the social barriers were never a hindrance to her confessional attitude. The objective of the paper is to find how Kamala Das has used poetry as a vehicle to express her problems, mental dilemmas, and trauma. The paper explains how the poetess longed for love and affection and how she was deprived of the same.

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Jamal, N. V. (2020). ‘Impersonal Personalism’: Kamala Das as a Confessional Poetess. Shanlax International Journal of English, 8(3), 31-33. https://doi.org/10.34293/english.v8i3.3189