Management of the Plastic Product Life Cycle through QFDE

  • Z Abdulah Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
  • A Elshamly Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
  • R Verschueren University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Keywords: Reuse, incineration, landfilling, solid waste management, sustainable development, Quality Function Deployment


This developing paper summarises the treatment methods for solid waste, in particular packaging and plastics packaging waste. Through a descriptive study on the problem of solid waste treatment options. An integrated system The European Packing and Packing waste directory (CE/62/94) is developed to support the current treatment methods of solid waste. Through this research funded by SABIC1, the packing industry and the solid waste management methods could become more sustainable. It aims to examine the ability to use QFDE (Quality Function Deployment for Environment) to support plastics recycling and waste management, and how to improve the performance of the environment. This includes the measurement of achieving environmental standards in packing and packing waste as well as the possibility of supporting the recycling system through computer programs. It also focus on the ongoing losses of the current system for solid waste management. With this study, a framework is proposes which manages the whole plastics product cycle for production plants plastic, plastic recycling plants, and local authorities for solid waste management and treatment.