A Framework for Mixed-method Research

  • Sindhu Shantha Nair Christ University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Smritika S Prem Canada
Keywords: Mixed-Method, Quantitative Study, Qualitative Method, Framework


This article presents the basics of mixed-method research as a distinct methodology that uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods to create empirical research. The method of this study is a review. Through a substantive review, this paper explains the basic idea of a mixedmethod approach. The article identifies the main components of the mixed-method approach, provides examples, and describes how to conduct mixed-method research. A quantitative study involves collecting, identifying, and analyzing data. A qualitative study uses interviews or focus groups. An integration of both approaches helps a better understanding of the issue. This study brings out the role of mixed-method research to assess further approaches in future research practices. The combination of qualitative and quantitative research will enable a broader reach in empirical studies.

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