Human Resource Management in Indian Retailing Sectors

  • V Vidya Chellam Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies (DDE), Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
Keywords: HRM, retail sector, challenges, competition, organised retailer


Retailing displayed its significance in Indian market with tremendous contribution to the Indian economy. The development in the organized retail sector has showed the perfect platform to the Indian companies to enter into this sector. The entry of global playersin retailing business has created huge challenges to the Indian companies. The organized retailers in order to respond to the competition, started to realize the need for efficient man power. The HR practices and the employee satisfaction became the primary concern for the organized retailers. The present study will provide a clear picture on the issues related to the HR practices and its impact on employees. The study will also focus on the various problems and challenges faced by the HR department in procuring and retaining the employees of organized retailing companies.

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