Role of Emotional Intelligence in Managing Stress and Anxiety at Workplace

  • P Asokan Controller of Examinations, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore


The phenomenon of emotional intelligence is a growing topic for behavioural investigation as researchers strive to understand its influence on various social interactions. Recent research indicates that emotions play an integral par in Managing stress and Anxiety at workplace. A review of the literature highlights the need for examination of the relationship of emotional intelligence as anoverarching concept to the Management of Stress and Anxiety. The researcher examines two null hypotheses that investigate the measurement of emotional intelligence as a predictor in managing Stress and Anxiety. 120 Management students were taken for the study. Emotional Intelligence Scale, Stress Inventory and General Anxiety test were used for the measurement of all the variables. Descriptive statistics, Correlation and Regression analysis were used for data Analysis. Results indicate that there was a significant relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the variables of Stress and Anxiety. Stress management component and anxiety component; emerge as statistically significant with respect to the relationship with Emotional Intelligence.

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