Social Media Advertisement and its Effect in Sales Prediction - An Analysis

  • B Subha Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Social Media, YouTube Advertisement, Sales, Linear Regression Model, Prediction, Advertising Budget


Social Media Advertising plays a vital role in today’s business. It helps marketers to build relationships with their customers and increase sales. Marketers are using social media to advertise their products and generate sales. Social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are essential in today’s competitive business for boosting the sales of the firm. This study aims to predict the impact of social media advertising on sales of a company. The purpose of this paper is to build a linear regression model that predicts sales based on money spent on YouTube advertisements. The data is analyzed using the R open-source software program for statistical analysis. The R is a powerful programming tool that can represent the dataset graphically concerning different parameters, and it also uses different packages available. The result of this research shows that YouTube advertising is a better predictor of company sales.

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