A Study on the Effectiveness of Conflict Management in the Private Retail Sector, in Copperbelt Province

  • T Velmurugan Lecturer and Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, DMI - St. Eugene University, Zambia
  • T Marirajan Associate Professor and Research Guide, School of Social Science and Management, MOSA University, Zambia
  • V Gayathri Lecturer, Department of Social Work, DMI - St. Eugene University, Zambia
Keywords: Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Employee Conflict, Positive Conflicts


Background: Conflict management is a process of limiting the negative aspects of conflict and increasing positive aspects of the conflict. It is for this purpose that this study is designed to examine the strategies involved in conflict management in the workplace, and in particular, the private retail sector in Copperbelt Area.
Methods: The study was done from the beginning of 2016. The methodology used for this study quantitative method using questionnaires, interviews, and observations, while secondary data generated from official documentations. The study considered a total of 50 respondents from the three retail industries in Copperbelt, respectively.
Results: Having studied the opinions of the various stakeholders as far as this research is concerned, it is stated that conflict management systems have proved to be otherwise effective, further resulting in directing employee energies towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. 74% of respondents accounted for positive responses recorded as being effective, whereas 26% recorded as a negative response.
Conclusion: The study recommended that Organizations should be enlightened about conflict management processes at the time of incorporation to clearly understand measures to be taken when the need arises.

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