An Investigation on Accounting Information System, Zambia

  • S Antony Sibi Head, Department of Commerce and Management, DMI St. Eugene University, Zambia
  • S Antony Lucia Merin Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, DMI St. Eugene University, Zambia
Keywords: accounting, accounting system, computer, private education


This study and research are to know how accounting is done in a private school, the type of accounting system being used, and its effectiveness, accounts being the recording of financial transactions is necessary to be handled well. The goal of this study is to understand how the private education sector organizes a set of manual and computerized accounting methods, procedures, and controls established to gather, record, classify, analyze, summarize, interpret and present accurate and timely financial data used. This case study gives detail on the computer and manual accounting systems and the perception of accountants on the accounting system used in private institutions. This research study highlights how private education institutions keep systematic records of financial transactions to find out the type of payment system is used, how the school protects its business if its insured, how it utilizes the operational profits, and how effective is the accounting system. This will be analyzed by a structured questionnaire that will comprise closed-ended and open-ended questions to collect the primary data from the respondents who are residing in Lusaka.

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