Launching of a New Product with the Co-Branding Strategy: A Case Study of Indian Brands

  • A Ananda Kumar Research and Development-Head, Faculty in Department of Management and Commerce, DMI – St. Eugene University, Lusaka, Zambia
  • R Sakthivel Principal, DMI – St. Eugene University, Lusaka, Zambia
Keywords: brand extension, brand association, co-branding, Products, Services


In recent years, the practice of co-branding has attracted a large number of research scholars and practitioners. Many of the researchers are also done their research articles with branding or co-branding. Commonly co-branding deals with the combination of two or more brands into a single product. Where co-branding is concerned with a marketing plan to associate with multiple brand names in a single product. The researcher discussed the general classification of brand associations. The paper reveals two classifications of the statements. The first is to form the general classification of Co-branding. The second aims of this paper are to promote the model of co-branding. The paper is also dealing with analyzing the theories of brand association and brand extension. The paper discussed, along with various case studies of co-branding of products and services.

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