A Study on Indian and Omani Business Management Undergraduate Students Attitude towards Business Ethics

  • M Seema Assistant Professor, Amity Global Business School, Hyderabad, India
  • Imran Hameed Khan Lecturer, Higher College of Technology, Muscat, Oman
Keywords: Business ethics, ATBEQ, Business students, Attitudes, India, Oman


The study examines the differences in the attitude of Indian and Omani Undergraduate Business Studies students towards business ethics about gender, parents’ occupation, and nationality. The pre-validated scale of Attitudes towards Business Ethics Questionnaire (ATBEQ) has been used as a measurement instrument. The primary data has been collected from 237 respondents using the convenience sampling technique. Factor analysis revealed seven factors consisting of 21 variables. The study found significant differences in attitudes towards business ethics about gender, nationality, and parents’ occupation.

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