HRD Climate and its Outcomes of Academics: A Study of Professional Institutions in India

Keywords: Ownership, HRD climate, Job Satisfaction, Intention to Quit/Stay Behavior, Professional Institutions, Academic Achievements


Retaining competent faculty and faculty stability has been a major cause of concern affecting the quality of professional higher education in India particularly in the private sector. Conducive work climate and higher job satisfaction level are essential for better performance of both faculty members and the institute and also stability of the competent faculty members. This paper seeks to explore and examine the influence of ownership on HRD Climate, Job Satisfaction and Academic Achievements level and also Intention to Stay/Quit behavior of faculty members across public and private academic institutions offering professional degree courses in India.It is also sought to explore the inter-relationship between HRD Climate, Job Satisfaction and Academic Achievements level, and Intention to Stay/Quit behavior and the effect of HRDClimate dimensions on the level of both Job Satisfaction (JS) and Academic Achievements (AA).The paper is based on a survey among 972 faculty members in engineering and management institutes across three Provinces in India. Findings of the study revealed that ownership has significant influence on the HRD climate, JS and AA level and Intention to Stay/Quit behavior. Facultyin most private institutes expressed less desire to stay (the current employer) compared to their counterparts in government. The results support to both theoretical and empirical aspects for the proposed hypotheses.

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