Virtualization Security in Cloud Computing

  • S Srividhya Madurai Kamaraj University (University with Potential for Excellence), Madurai
  • R Rathinasabapathy Madurai Kamaraj University (University with Potential for Excellence), Madurai
Keywords: Virtual machine, Side Channel Attack, Virtual Firewall, Algorithm, Chaos


Cloud computing is a computing model which does computing using infrastructure and resources available in the interconnected machines. It provides services to its users on demand over the internet. The cloud stores the data and disseminated resources in the open environment through virtualization, security has become the main obstacle which is hampering and the error free deployment of Cloud environments. Even though the Cloud Computing is promising and efficient, there are many challenges for data security as there is no security of the data for the Cloud user. The data is vulnerable to several attacks; side channel attack is one of the challenging tasks in cloud. A method is proposed using a blend of virtual firewall apparatus and a modified cryptography algorithm to secure against side channel attack. The major features are creating different mystery keys and ciphering the client’s secret data in a greatly secured methodology, it scale back time and no mounted key size.

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