India’s Major Trade Partners UK and US

  • Tanneru Anusha Anurag Group of Institutions, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, India
  • Seema Nazneen Anurag Group of Institutions, Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, India
Keywords: merchandised trade, exports, imports, trade balance, surplus, deficit


On the eve of planning the trade, the foreign trade of India with the US and the UK showed an excess of exports over imports from more than a decade. Foreign trade in India showed excess imports over exports. The trade deficit was largely due to the war pre-war and post-war. This paper is based on secondary data collected from commerce and industry and other various government reports and sources. It also demonstrates Indian trade from a global perspective. Indian trade with the United States and the United Kingdom and the relations trade terms are analyzed. The major sectors and products involved in the trade are studied. The Indian Institute of foreign trade promotes imports and exports trade terms and agreements and also envelops the full range of global business. . Foreign trade policy or Exim policy along with simplification and merger reward schemes are studied. India’s trade for the past years was seen negative due to certain reasons. The trade analysis of India was done for the year 2019-20. The effect of India’s foreign trade for 2020 is studied. The world trade scenario in the recent estimated in the IMF

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