Art and Industry in Abbasid Governance Era

  • Torpakay Nabizada Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts, Herat University, Heart, Afghanistan
Keywords: Islam, Abbasid, Art, Painting, Music, Industry


Abbasid governance era has a special place in history and is considered a huge civilization area of economy, agriculture, industry, and art with its achievements. The aim of this article is to present the Abbasid civilization industry and art. From the art aspect, beautiful artwork, painting, architecture, and music were under severe considerations and stated how music and art were considered and valued by Abbasid caliphs in their artistic meetings. But in as a look toward the industry of the era, papermaking, glass work, carpet weaving, and others introduced as their industry. The result of this article stated some parts of Abbasid governance era art and industry besides their helpful civilization practices in which would be a helpful task for art and industry history fans.

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