Research Trends in Diabetes Applying VOS Viewer: A Scientometric Profile

  • C Catherin Beula Librarian, TDMNS College, T. Kallikulam, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Chandran Velmurugan Librarian and Head, Meenakshi Medical College Hospital and Research Institute (MMCH & RI), Enathur, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Scientometrics, Mapping technology, VOS viewer, Web of Science, h-index, India


As diabetes is a non-communicable disease, many scientists try to cure it in different ways throughout the globe. Due to the remarkable scientific growth in this area, we focus on evaluating the scholarly publications and their current research trends in diabetes, particularly type 1 diabetes published by Indian scientists using statistical tools and scientometric analysis. A total of 83 318 global research productivity and a total number of research publications from India was 2 381 with 36, 408 global citations and the Period between 2009 and 2018. Further, the total number of authors (17712) and its average number of authors is 7.44, a total number of 782 core journals and 95 228 cited references found during the research period. To evaluate data, various scientometric techniques or indicators were used such as Authorship Pattern (Single vs Multiple), Degree of Collaboration, Relative growth rate (RGR) and Doubling Time (DT) and many more indicators used. This study limits with Indian research output did not include world literature. We try to identify the information in different types of type 1 diabetes between 2009 and 2018. This study will help to find out the core journals for collection management and for promoting diabetes research and developments in future. We chose the core keywords in type 1 diabetes with full records with abstracts, types of manuscripts, cited references using the Web of Science database.

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