Treatment of Nature in Sangam Poetry

சங்கக் கவிதையில் இயற்கை

Keywords: Sangam literature, Five lands Classification, Worship of Flowers, Worship of Nature, Worship of Wood, Worship of Water, Celebrating Nature


Sangam poems are a document of how the Sangam Tamils faced nature. People who lived during the Sangam period sought to understand the nature around them. They discovered that the vast energies of nature were understood as mysteries that could not be understood by humans easily. The activities and thoughts among the ancient Tamils were tried to understand the relationship between nature and human beings are recorded in the Sangam Poems . The influence of geography in shaping the culture and characteristics of the ancient Tamils is compelling. The poems of the Sangam poets are based on the composition of flora and fauna and the composition of flora and fauna based on nature and tradition. Since the Sangam poets were nature-obsessed, they naturally recorded detailed information about plants and animals in their poems. In the daily life of the people there is a variety of information about nature, both in terms of coding and application. Sangam poems are inspired by contextual recordings that depict the background of human life, without simply copying the metaphor, implicit, and imaginary nature of the Sangam poets’ descriptions of nature. The expressions of the Sangam Tamils trying to reconcile with them are recorded in the Sangam poems. This article describes
the treatment of nature in Sangam literature.

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