Transgenders in Ancient Tamil Literature

பழந்தமிழ் இலக்கியத்தில் திருநங்கையர்

Keywords: Sangam Literature, Transgender, History of Transgender, Silappathikaram, Nikandu, Sociological Studies, Nilakesi, Thirukkural, Thevaram, Civaka Chintamani, Tolkappiyam, Nannool


There is no transgender voice or pro-transgender voice in the ancient Tamil literature. Transgender explanations need to be compiled from what is reported as information in grammatical commentary and literary works. Transgender people have been living in Tamil Nadu since ancient times can be found in Sangam literary works. Records about transgenders have appeared in Tolkappiyam and Nigandus. Tamil epics narrates that it is possible to know the status of transgender people living in harmony with palace life. Devotional literary works refer to gender’s past status as Lord being male, female, and transgender. In Tamil Nadu, transgender people are completely ignored as the emphasis of male chauvinism. In general values about transgender have been recorded in the ancient literary works.

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