An Analysis of Demand for Foreign University Campuses in India

  • Poornima Thampy Department of Economics, Stella Maris College Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Rebecca Devaprasad Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Stella Maris College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: International Branch Campuses, Foreign Universities, Student Preference, Higher Education, Exposure, Quality of Education


Students going abroad for education is not a recent phenomenon but the number of students leaving the country for higher education overseas indicates that cross-border education has become more prominent in recent decades. As per the data submitted by the education ministry in Parliament in February 2023, the number of Indian students going abroad for higher education stood at 7,50,365 in 2022. This is 68% higher compared to 4,44,553, students who went abroad in 2021. This tendency of young productive minds to seek education abroad and even settle there impacts the country on several fronts and the economic challenges this poses are significant. India is currently facing a serious brain drain as more students prefer to get settled abroad. To address this rampant movement of students and to reduce the economic threat that migration puts on India, an attempt is being made by the University Grants Commissionto permit well-known and highly ranked leading foreign institutions to set up international branch campuses in the country.This research investigates the factors that influence students to move abroad and forecasts the demand for foreign universities when opened in India. The study collected responses from 110 students from an opinion poll survey through google forms. The data collected were analyzed using cross-tabulation which identified exposure, quality of education and better employment opportunities as major reasons to migrate. Additionally, it also revealed that the demand for foreign universities will be less in India.

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Thampy, P., & Devaprasad, R. (2023). An Analysis of Demand for Foreign University Campuses in India. Shanlax International Journal of Economics, 11(4), 10-17.