Unconventional Femininity in Portia Coughlan

  • Rachna Davi Line Par Devi Sthan Road, Moh- Sahukara Puranpur, Pilibhit
Keywords: Incest, Sexual tension, domestic violence, Rape


This research paper mainly demonstrates the universal issues such as unconventional femininity, incest, sexual tension, domestic violence and rape through postmodernist aspects. Marina Carr’s plays reflect the social realities of this world. She carries the problems of contemporary women onto the stage. The Mai, By the Bog of Cats and Portia Coughlan, the protagonists of these plays have rejected the traditional, cultural rules of family and do not care their children and husband. Portia Coughlan is bitchy, self-centered, lazy, alcoholic, depressive, destructive, and neglectful of her three kids. This playt is a brutal and passionate drama of family relationships and personal disintegration.

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