Salient Features of Feminist Literary Criticism

Keywords: Feminist, Feminist Literary, Wave of Feminism, Western Feminist Literary Criticism


Feminist literary criticism as criticism schools is marked by gender, widespread gender awareness, and feminine consciousness is its elementary characteristics. This study introduces the different phases of Feminism through various insidious social and cultural mores. The main objective of this study to Criticism the Salient Features of Feminist Literary. The main content of this paper is divided into three aspects, the first, second, and third wave of feminism from the 19th century to date. Methodology Employed based on qualitative research. The secondary sources of this study are taken from various books, articles, diaries, proposals, official records, archives, Govt. Gazetteers, Manuals and sites, and so on.

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Sen, T., & Das, K. (2021). Salient Features of Feminist Literary Criticism. Shanlax International Journal of English, 10(1), 20-24.