Representation of Women in Occupational and Domestic Roles in EfT Textbooks

  • Afroza Aziz Suchana Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh, India
Keywords: Unpaid domestic works, Textbooks, Devaluation, Occupational role, Biased representation, Social reality


The study aims at examining the representation of women in the English Language textbooks of Bangladesh for the primary school learners. Existing research studies find unfair manifestation of women both in the occupational and domestic activities. However the existing investigations indicate the necessity of further studies in this area. Therefore, the study explores whether women are projected appropriately in the textbooks for young learners. With reference to critical theory, the analysis of data reveals that women are devalued in their unpaid domestic jobs. In addition, they are shown occupied in the less challenging occupations while men are shown in an extensive range of professions. The study also notices that whereas in contemporary Bangladesh women are engaged in diversified professions, their contribution to the society is often disregarded in the textbooks. Such biased representation of women may affect the young learners adversely. Therefore, the study states the inevitability of raising consciousness among the textbook authors and suggests ensuring appropriate projection of women in the textbooks.

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Suchana, A. (2020). Representation of Women in Occupational and Domestic Roles in EfT Textbooks. Shanlax International Journal of English, 8(4), 43-48.