Evolving a Development Oriented, Comprehensive Approach using Digital Humanities to Acquire Reading Skills

  • M Anandhi Professor & Head, Department of English, Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science for Women, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Digital natives, Global language, Reading skills, Non-native speakers, Digital humanities, Comprehensive approaches


To become proficient in any language reading becomes the most important skill to be achieved. When it comes to English,Reading becomes one of the major skills of the language. Reading can be defined as an art of comprehending words then mastering sentences to paragraphs then to the whole content. Studies have found that the more a person reads the more skilful he becomes with speaking as with the use of vocabulary. Skills of reading can be acquired through continuously reading and comprehending ,developing a full understanding over the content, fluent in the usage of the read vocabulary leading to independence in oration. The skills of reading for a non-native (ESOL) speaker is cumbersome and acquiring the skills become pretty important and integral part of life,with English becoming important as the Global Lingua-Franca. With all these factors reiterating the importance of reading as an important skill, the digital natives of today actually have failed to understand the importance of reading at all. The ability of the language usage among Non-native speakers is directly proportional to their reading habits is a research finding. This article focuses on the development oriented, approaches using the digital platform to improve reading skills and to make reading easier & comprehensible to the non-native speaker. It also analyses on the various online resources available to improve the habit of reading in young learners, and checks the effectiveness of these platforms.

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