English Language Proficiency Hegemony in Career Building among Diverse Groups of Bangladeshi Graduates

Keywords: Bangladeshi Graduates, English Language Proficiency, Hegemony, Carrier Advancement, Real-Life Context


The research literature designates English language proficiency to contemplate as the hierarchy of individual development to Bangladeshi graduates, while insufficient English language proficiency contains several disadvantages in carrier development. Although the contradictions exist in the literature, ELP may oscillate among various groups of graduates grounded on the socioeconomic contextual of Bangladesh. In these circumstances, the study focuses on the hindrances of ELP among the diverse social groups of graduates and how they cope with interferences in career building. The study was conducted in a sequential explanatory design method where the survey and interviews were directed to collect data. The data were collected in random sampling technique for survey while interviews were in stratified random sampling technique. Then the study crossed descriptive analysis in quantitative and thematic analyses in qualitative for triangulation purposes. The study indicates discrimination as ELP’s hindrances strongly varies based on their education level. In contrast, dissatisfaction varies according to income level, and economic imbalance varies among the living status of Bangladeshi graduates. However, the study suggests to increase awareness of language use in career building among the graduates and concern authorities. Moreover, the study recommends to conduct more research on the language use in career building in different dimensions.

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Islam, M. T., Ramalingam, S., & Hoque, K. E. (2022). English Language Proficiency Hegemony in Career Building among Diverse Groups of Bangladeshi Graduates. Shanlax International Journal of English, 11(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.34293/english.v11i1.5791