Survival Strategies for Businesses during Covid-19 Lockdown

  • P Nivetha Ph. D. Scholar, Alagappa Institute of Management, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • S Sudhamathi Assistant Professor, Alagappa Institute of Management, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: COVID-19, Businesses act, Bureaucratic hassles, Business resilience effects


The COVID-19 pestilence is a sharp admonition that pandemics have existed before and will keep on happening later on, as other only here and there happening fiascoes. Regardless of whether we are frail to evade the appearance of hurtful infections, we should plan to hose their consequences for human progress. All through the world, the most recent pestilence has had genuine financial impacts, and it doesn’t seem like each country would be unaffected. In addition to the fact that this has financial ramifications; quite a bit of society is affected, which has added to extraordinary movements in how organizations act and how buyers act. Many anticipated issues with getting to the administration, notwithstanding, for example, regulatory difficulties and qualification challenges. We additionally test take-up rates and market dependability results for advances contrasted with awards based activities utilizing exploratory change.

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