Personality Aging Pattern (PAP): An Empirical Study on Personality Traits in Relation with Work Force Age Bands

  • D Deepa Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Big-five Personality trait Inventory, Personality Aging Pattern (PAP), Human Resource Analytics


As human resource interventions are more of subjective nature, Human Resource Analytics gives a metric system and a rational dimension. The author heads to establish a pattern for Personality change among work force as against Aging under three workforce age bands using BiG five Personality Inventory. The finding shows that all the five factors of personality take different patterns along the life span. Human Resource interventions may be designed and executed for the functions viz., hiring, appraisal, development and retention of workforce in any type of organization in the sublime of Personality Aging Pattern (PAP).

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