A Study of the Art of Painting in Kabul

Keywords: Afghanistan, Kabul, Painting, Realism, Style, Modern Painting


Today, in most countries, painting has made great progress, along with science and technology. Recently, relative attention have been paid in the scientific, cultural, and social fields in Afghanistan, especially in Kabul, but little progress in the field of painting. In this research, an attempt was made to study the art of painting in Kabul, which its result would be important for those who are interested in the art of painting.
Both library and field research methods have been used for collecting data. In the background section, some authoritative books, articles, and magazines have been used. In the field research method, some observations and interviews were used to collect data. The aim of the study was to study the art of painting in Kabul from the perspective of experts, professors of the Kabul College of Fine Arts, and directors of painting galleries in Kabul. It is summarized as follows:
Painting in Kabul is relatively stagnant due to insecurity, war, religious prejudice, the irresponsibility of the Ministry of Information and Culture, and the lack of public awareness. Only from a specialist, slight changes can be seen in the works of painters. These changes have taken place in the field of painting since 2002, due to the movement of artists abroad, and have opened up new perspectives. Some of the painters’ works represent their efforts in search of having a unique and new method. However, most of the paintings are portraying the same method and repetitive subjects as in the past.

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