Air Pollution in the Poem “Air Pollution” By Abhisumat Singh

  • P Harini Department of English, Sri Sarada College for Women (A), Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: air pollution, nature, responsibility


This paper mainly focuses on the importance of the protection of the element air. It also provides how literature creates awareness among people for various causes. There are many writers who have written about nature and all kinds of things to convey some message and information. Here, the poet Abhisumat Singh clearly explains what air pollution is and how it is caused and also how to control air pollution. His words are simple and clear. He conveys his message through his poem effectively. He also says about the responsibility of the people to protect nature.

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Harini, P. (2019). Air Pollution in the Poem “Air Pollution” By Abhisumat Singh. Shanlax International Journal of English, 7(4), 62-64.