Loneliness and its Aftermath

  • N Vijayalakshmi Principal, S. Preethi College of Education, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Loneliness, Social Deficiency, Social Interaction, Unpleasant Experience, Reduced Satisfaction


Loneliness can be deemed as a social deficiency. Loneliness discloses the relationship between the desired and achieved a level of social interaction. Loneliness is not linked with social isolation, solitude, or aloneness. When low levels of social contact are desired, they may be experienced as positive. Loneliness is associated with mental illness. Loneliness is an emotionally unpleasant experience. It causes dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and depression. Anxiety, emptiness, boredom, restlessness, and marginality are the offshoot of loneliness. Divorce and the breakup of dating relationships are all associated with loneliness. Physical separation from family and friends drives one at risk for loneliness. Retirement, unemployment, and reduced satisfaction may also precipitate loneliness.

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