Repository Policy

Authors must grant the journal a non-exclusive license to archive and distribute their articles.

Authors are allowed to deposit their submitted version, accepted version and published version in institutional/other repositories they trust without any embargo .

By submitting their articles to the journal to store in journal level repository, authors agree to the following:

  • The journal may store and archive their articles in any format or medium, including print and electronic.
  • The journal may make their articles available through any platform or repository, including the journal's website, third-party databases, and institutional repositories.
  • The journal may assign metadata to their articles to enhance discoverability and accessibility.
  • The journal may retain a copy of their articles in perpetuity for archival purposes.
  • Authors retain copyright of their articles and grant the journal a non-exclusive license to publish and archive their articles. The journal respects the intellectual property rights of authors and third parties and will comply with any legal or ethical requirements regarding copyright and intellectual property.
  • If an author wishes to withdraw their article from the journal's repository, they must submit a written request to the editor-in-chief. The request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the author will be notified of the outcome.