A Study on the Emotional Intelligence of Higher Secondary School Students

  • M Kumar E.G.S. Pillay College of Education, Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Higher secondary school students, Development, High school students, Adolescents Emotion


We live in a world that is changing faster than ever before and facing unparalleled challenges. In the current competitive situation where students are expected to perform multi roles with performance and effectiveness, it is highly needed to realize their right position and passionate intelligence towards the unseen complexities of life and quality education. The proposed New Policy on Education mainly focused on improving the quality of education that can be produced by making the students emotionally intelligent. Emotional knowledge helps in bringing better achievement of students and offer them skills for their personal and professional lives. The present study was an attempt to study the emotional intelligence of t higher secondary school students. A random sampling method was used. The sample consisted of 300 higher secondary school students. The emotional intelligence scale developed and standardized by the Reuven baron was used for data collection. Statistical techniques like Mean, Percentiles, Standard deviation, and t-value were used to analyses 
the data. The result shows  that emotional intelligence was independent of gender, subject, locality of
the school, type of family, father’s occupation, and family income. The level of higher secondary school
student’s emotional intelligence was average in nature. The female students are better than the male students on their emotional intelligence. 

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