A Study of Relationship Among Emotional and Academic Achievement of the Higher Secondary School Students

  • G Narayanamoorthi Research Scholar, Alagappa University Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • JE Merin Sasikala Assistant Professor, AUCE Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Emotional intelligence, Academic Achievement


The present study aims to investigate emotional intelligence and academic achievement of students at the higher secondary level. Using random sampling technique 200 students from higher secondary level in different systems of education, namely Government, Government Aided and Matriculation schools are chosen. The Emotional Intelligence (Inventry prepared and standardized by Mangal S.K and Mangal. S(2004) has been used to assess the emotional intelligence and the marks scored in Maths were taken from their half yearly performance. The data collected is subjected to statistical analysis, namely, mean, standard deviation, ‘t’ – test, ‘F’ – ratio, Karl Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Co-Efficient ‘r’. Results show a positive significant correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement among the students. Further the students belonging to Matric schools have higher level of emotional intelligence compared to students in state board. Similarly students belonging to Government Aided schools are found to perform better in academics compared to students in Government and Matriculation schools at higher secondary level.

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