Effective Communication Strategies to Foster Sustainable Behaviour

  • P Ramalakshmy Research Scholar, Department of Education University of Kerala, India
  • JV Asha Assistant Professor, Department of Education University of Kerala, India


Promoting sustainable behaviour is not an easy process and for tackling the environmental issues, it requires a behaviour change at every level. Changing attitude towards behaviour for sustainable development is important but mere attitude change is not enough to achieve the goals. Research studies show that there is no direct link between values and action. We need to use the method that changes attitude as well as behavior. As changing the behaviour is a complex process, innovative and practical solutions are required at every level of the society. Each behaviour is determined by many inter- related factors, which are to be addressed simultaneously to facilitate the behaviour change. Messaging to the audience towards behavior for sustainable development is not an easy task. For this, communication strategies are to be adopted to make desirable changes in the individual. The sender /agency taking up the challenge should also take care of the group to which the issues are delivered to with a pre-notion of, what changes are to be expected from each. For this, the sender for the message should be well versed with different modes of communication strategies and the type of audience to whom the message is intended for.

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