Self-Esteem and Personal Adjustment of Student Teachers

  • V Thiruppathi M.Ed. Scholar, M.E.T. College of Education, Chenbaharamanputhur. Kanyakumari District
  • S Anitha Assistant Professor in General Education, M.E.T. College of Education, Chenbaharamanputhur, Kanyakumari District


The present study is focused on the Self-esteem and Personal adjustment of the student teachers. Self-esteem scale and Personal adjustment inventory have been administered to a stratified random sample of 300 student teachers in different college of education in kanyakumari district. This investigation reveals that there is a significant relationship between the selfesteem and Personal adjustment. The major findings of the study are there is a significant positive correlation between selfesteem and personal adjustment of Student teachers. Gender, locality, religion, and income status does not create any difference in self-esteem among student teachers but type of management plays a significant role in the self-esteem of student teachers. Gender, type of management and income status does not create any difference in the personal adjustment of student teachers but locality, and religion plays a significant role in the personal adjustment of student teachers.

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