A Study on Teacher’s Behavior in Classroom and Student’s Stress at Higher Secondary School Level

  • S Hosannah M.Ed Student, G.R.T College of Education
  • P Karnan Assistant Professor in Education G.R.T College of Education
Keywords: Teachers,, classroom, behavior, stress level, role of teacher n the class room sampling


havior and students stress level in Thiruvallur District. This  students adopted survey method of research participants were 300  higher secondary school students randomly selected from different schools in Thiruvallur district. Research instruments used by data collection was Teacher classroom behaviors questions are prepared by the investigator and stress level scale prepared by the investigator tested at 0.05 and 0.01 level of significance. The findings indicated that there a positive relationship between Teacher’s classroom behavior and students stress level of higher secondary school students. There exist significant impact with respect to gender, location, types of management, medium of institution, fathers qualification, of teachers classroom behavior and also found there no significance different between stress level impact on gender medium of instruction, favorite teachers. There exists significant difference between stress level with respect to location types of management favorite teachers favorite subject of the higher secondary students.

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