Promoting Science Comprehension Through Edutainment Strategies – An Efficacy

  • D Prabakar Asst. Professor, SCERT, Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Education, Alagappa University, Karaikudi
  • R Ramnath Asst. Professor, Department of Education, Alagappa University, Karaikudi
Keywords: Edutainment, Science comprehension and Advance Organizer


Apart from the knowledge and attitudes, there is one more part of science i.e. science process skills. Children should not learn mere the concepts, should learn how to learn the science concepts by examining critically and carrying the information creatively. Once the mind is administered in those processes, in turn it yields automatically the good by product. In this context, it has been verified that instead of inculcating science concepts through school curricula in the form of knowledge, it must be imparted through the compulsory activities as supplementary to the science subject, especially by means of the edutainment strategies which is a blending nature of the education and entertainment as per the level of the students. The sample of 50 students of VIII standard from govt. higher secondary school, Red hills was subjected to the present study by purposive sampling technique. The single group design was employed to conduct an experiment with the above science process skills. The performance scale, questionnaire for science comprehension and reaction scales were used as the tool for the present study. Through which the data had also been collected. The results from analyzed data revealed that there was an improvement in the science comprehension of the students. The edutainment strategies have become an evident that it would help us to inculcate the science concepts with better understanding and retain the concepts longer.

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