Need of Basic Education

  • P Karthikeyan Principal, Sri Renugambal College of Education, Ettivadi, Polur


Education is a basic right of all people and the basis for a peaceful, healthy and stable world. Education encourages the development of an individual’s total personality: conveying the wisdom of ancestors, traditional norms and values, and promoting understanding and development of modern science, technology, and environmental conservation. Primary and secondary education is the center of the modern school education system. They are also the core of basic education, as this period builds a balanced character, and seeks to unite a nation’s sovereignty by sharing a common language, values, and behavior. Therefore, the “expansion of primary and secondary education” is regarded as the center of development assistance for basic education in developing countries, and various types of assistance have been provided. Recently, care and education for children up to the age of six years old has been incorporated into international goals. The acquisition of practical “life skills” is also essential to improve people’s lives. For instance, a lack of knowledge on health care and hygiene prevents people from keeping good health, and environmental education is vital for environmental conservation. Thus, it is quite justified to say that the fundamental principles of basic education are still valid and fruitful in the context of our present educational reform. They are relevant to be used as guiding principles of modern education.

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