Intelligence and Vocational Interest of Ug Students in Arts & Science College, Madurai

  • P Sophia Mesalina Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Education, Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore
  • N Natesan Former Professor and Head, Department of Education, M.K. University, Madurai


The study is to find out if there were significant differences and relationship between Intelligence and vocational interest of UG students in Arts and Science College, Madurai. The sample of the study was 200 students of Arts & Science College, Madurai. Simple random sampling technique was used to collect the data. The tools were constructed and standardized by the Investigator. The data were analysed by “t” test and Pearson product moment correlation. The findings of the study reveals that Intelligence and vocational interest are highly related in the dimension Artistic, teaching, commerce and computer. Intelligence has substantial relationship with Agriculture, Science, Literature, Social executive and clerical towards vocational interest. From the study, it is inferred that science students are better than the Arts students (UG) in all the dimensions towards intelligence. But, in vocational interest, there is no difference between arts and science student except in science and literature.

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