Science and Technology in Education

  • P Karthikeyan Principal, Sri Renugambal College Of Education, Ettivadi, Polur-606907 Thiruvannamalai distric
Keywords: Modern Societies, Environment, Euro Barometer, Knowledge


Our societies are dominated and even 'driven' by ideas and products from science and technology (S&T) and it is very likely that the influence of science and technology on our lives will continue to increase in the years to come. In short, modern societies need people with scientific and technological qualifications at the highest level as well as a general public which has a broad understanding of the contents and methods of science and technology, coupled with an insight into their role as social forces that shape the future. While science and technology are obviously important for economic well-being, they must also see from the perspective of a broadly based. A falling enrolment seems to suggest a decline in interest in science and technology. This, however, is the case only if enrolment in science and technology education is taken as the sole indicator of interest in these fields. Popular science and technology magazines have also retained their popularity in many countries, and television programmes about science, the environment and technology continue to attract large audiences.

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