Using ICT as a Tool for Effective Teaching

  • S Gunasekaran Asst. Professor of Education, Vidyaa Vikas College of Education, Tiruchengode
Keywords: Information and Communication Technology, Effective Teaching, Effective Learning


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a means of accessing, storing, sharing, processing, editing, selecting, presenting and communicating information through a variety of media. It involves finding, sharing and restructuring information in its diverse forms. ICT can be an effective tool in supporting teaching and learning. Many countries have realized the need for redefining teachers’ roles and have responded by launching professional development programmes to train teachers in the use of new techniques of ICT especially the use of computers in importing knowledge to students and making classroom interaction vigorous, invigorating, meaningful and fruitful. ICT is proving an asset with them for updating their knowledge, processing mass of data, improve their competencies to do things and get qualified for highly specialized assignments later in life. This paper focus on using ICT to gives effective teaching and learning process.

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