A Study of Scientific Attitude Among Secondary School Students in Namakkal District

  • S Govindarajan Principal, Oxford College of Education, Trichirapalli
Keywords: Achievement in science, scientific attitude, Knowledge


Science is one of those human activities that man has created to gratify certain human needs and desires. The primary goal of education should be the intellectual development of the individual. With its accelerating importance in our society science has become an increasingly important part of general knowledge. Scientific education is best fostered as a part of a general emphasis on intellectual activity. The students of Secondary course studying in Schools just enter the adolescent stage, which is a stage of stress and storm. In this period, they must be properly guided and counseled, otherwise there arises the problem of maladjustment. If the adolescents are once properly guided and aroused right educational aspirations, they will excel in all aspects of life and education. Governments have been spending crores on Higher Secondary education. But the results are not in proportion to the expenditure incurred. Only nearly 40 to 60 percent of the students are successful, this too from the contribution of private Schools. In other words, two thirds of the educational expenditure is squandered away for nothing. The results of this study will help the  educational planners, teachers and students to modify the present state of affairs as many students fail in Secondary school level.

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