Problems of Teaching English in India

  • V Saravanan Asst. Professor, Sri Vidhya College of Education, Ambur


The student should learn English in as natural an environment as possible. He should be encouraged to talk English in the class room, in the playground, etc. Group discussions should be initiated and every student encouraged to participle. A Language teacher should know the nature of language and the way it is learnt. The knowledge that language is a system has led to selection and gradation of structures and vocabulary. The knowledge that language is primarily speech has brought focus spoken English and oral work in the class room. The awareness that language is constantly changing and evolving has resulted in the teaching of descriptive and not prescriptive grammar. According to Sweet, ‘language is the expression of ideas by means of which speech sounds are combined into words, words are combined into sentences and combination of sentences gives answers to ideas and thoughts.’ Language is therefore used to communicate our thoughts and ideas and is essential for our survival and development as human beings.The selected material is grouped on the basis of sound, situation, structure, structure and meaning, Material can be selected according to the following three types of sequences and the teacher can then select the order in which the sequences should be taught.

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