An Anthropocentric Approach to Evaluate English Language Teaching Course Books

  • Ahmet Erdost Yastibas Atılım University, Turkey
Keywords: English language teaching, The Anthropocene, English language course book evaluation, ELT, The anthropocene, Course book evaluation


The new geological epoch Anthropocene poses a significant problem to people because it shows how human activities have started to change and shape the world negatively to a big extent. One way to deal with this problem is education, including English language teaching. In English language teaching, course books can be used to deal with the Anthropocene. When the literature was reviewed, it was seen that English language course books were evaluated according to English language teachers’ and students’ perspectives, but not with an Anthropocentric perspective. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate an English language course book used in Turkey with an Anthropocentric approach. It was designed as a qualitative study. The data collected were documented analyzed. Qualifications of the researcher and thick description were used for the trustworthiness of the research. The findings have indicated that the course book has units and parts of units related to nature. They have also shown that students can understand the relationship between people and nature by studying this course book. The results were discussed, and suggestions for further research were made.

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Yastibas, A. (2020). An Anthropocentric Approach to Evaluate English Language Teaching Course Books. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 8(3), 24-29.