Revitalizing Education through Problem based Learning Practices

Keywords: Revitalizing education, problem based learning, Inquiry based learning


Teaching and learning practices need to be revisited to revitalize education. The mundane rote learning due to excessive standardization, pedagogical red tape and routinization often become surfeited and such experiences are discussed by students and teachers alike across the globe. The focus has to shift from content and transmission to problem, process and experience-based learning. This calls for dynamic learning which is challenging since creativity takes over control; reaction takes over responsiveness. Enhanced learning practices take over routine learning providing a rich learning experience for students. Difficult situations or problems prepare and prompt deep thinking and the solutions become learning experiences. Thus problems attract our attention and focus on digging deep into energizing thoughts to solve the same. This rationale and the associated dimensions become the fertile ground for problem based teaching and learning practices. This paper explores the revitalization of education through problem based learning practices. The study highlights the need for a shift from theory base to problem based learning. Redesigning conceptual representations to experience-based, problem based and enquiry based learning can promote relational understanding.

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Shantha Nair, S., Smritika, S., & Thomas, K. A. (2020). Revitalizing Education through Problem based Learning Practices. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 9(1), 109-117.