Information and Communication Technology Emerges as a Beacon of Hope in Online Teaching

  • Anuradha Sekhri Assistant Professor, Institute for Development and Communication Approved Research Centre Panjab University, Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Keywords: Education, ICT, Whiteboard, Pedagogy


ICT based pedagogy plays a vital role in making school science more relevant, exciting and motivating for students, and it offers opportunities to dissolve the boundaries between school and society. ICT has become a powerful tool that has revolutionised the work of scientists. It is now possible to handle more critical data, and more complex models and simulations can be developed and tested. The communication processes within the scientific community are speeded up because of more accessible access to research results in online scientific journals. With access to the Internet, it is easier to collaborate with fellow researchers across geographical boundaries. The application of ICT can support the quality improvement of the teaching and learning process, facilitating curriculum design and the development of educational skills. Digital tools in teaching and learning can increase students’ concentration, communication, motivation and creativity. ICT can facilitate and enable teachers to communicate their information and develop understanding in students. ICT has an important aspect of developing competencies needed for teaching in science education. Since it can be used as an enabler in the delivery and delivery of instruction in science teaching and learning. ICT can enhance science’s objectives and goals and at the same time encourage the development of some science skills.

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