Innovative Technology and Education: Artificial Intelligence and Language Learning in Turkey

Keywords: Fourth Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence, Education, Language Education, Turkish Learning


During the Fourth Industrial Revolution, especially in the internet age, digitalization and smart uses have significantly increased today, and they also deeply affect life and learning forms. Since language education is a difficult process, learners must make great efforts in the world. In this sense, the importance of traditional methods has decreased with the increase of technological inputs. In this study, the potential of using artificial intelligence technologies in language learning, which have radically increased worldwide, is analyzed. In addion to this, artificial intelligence language applications in Turkey and Turkish are examined. Here, it is claimed that, with artificial intelligence applications, language learning has become easier with some visual exercises and especially a non rote-oriented approach there. Moreover, it is npticed that Turkey has started to develop language learning programmes based on artificial intelligence, and despite the shortcomings, some productive artificial intelligence applications have been developed to learn Turkish. These findings suggest that the modern society necessiates innovative technology in teaching language or any subjects, and it is important to understand the advantages of employing a collaborative technique in learning the subjects.

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Ermağan, E., & Ermağan, İsmail. (2022). Innovative Technology and Education: Artificial Intelligence and Language Learning in Turkey. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 11(S1-Dec), 201-209.